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‘Turning Point left me feeling mesmerised, my spirits lifted and my faith in humankind restored ….’ 

Sam G Creates - Artist Director 


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The world is spinning, the future is uncertain but we have power to change it.


Using a rotating stage, Feet off the Ground blend contemporary dance with poetry and an evocative soundscape to unravel women’s stories of protest, climate, community and hope.

Together the four performers journey through exhaustion, celebration and solidarity; expressing the freedom, resilience and spirit it takes to care for each other and the world we live in.


This family friendly outdoor show follows Flynn, whose phone is consuming her mind, squashing her imagination and flair. Absorbed in her phone, she doesn’t notice the appearance of a large, mysterious four-legged creature. 

Can she stop scrolling and start strolling with this magnificent creature? Will she leave behind her creature comforts and enter a world full of fun and magic!


From phone to fantasy; join Feet off the Ground on an adventure bursting with dance, theatre and circus. 


'These 4 women are so in tune with each other, they don't once put a foot wrong and their mastery of composition and structure is a joy to watch'
Jamaal Burkmar, Choreographer

‘Joyous and otherworldly – just fantastic!” 


‘Brings the audience into a magical world” 


Chisenhale Dance Space audience 2019 


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Feet off the Ground are experienced in creating commissioned works and are open for bookings in 2023/2024. 


Feet off the Ground are highly experienced in delivering informative and engaging workshops within the professional dance, education and community sector.


A synthesis of Contact Improvisation, Partner work and company repertoire our workshops are physical, challenging and dynamic.


We facilitate workshops from beginner to professional level and tailor the sessions to suit the specific needs and requirements of each group.

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