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R&D 2019, Creation 2021. Premier Summer 2021

Flynn feels at home on her phone, in fact, so does everyone else around her... but when a mysterious four-legged creature appears, she leaves behind her creature comforts and enters a world full of technicolour, fun and magic! Feet off the Ground celebrate the power of play, friendship and imagination within all of us.


Choreography & Performance: Lucia Chocarro, Robyn Holder, Sophie Thorpe & Patricia Zafra

Music/Composition: William South

Costume Design: Rosie Whiting

Producer: Eve Veglio-Hüner

MAKING MONSTERS PACK a unique, fun-filled video series for children (aged 3-8) and their families to enjoy.
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Chisenhale Arts Festival, 2021

 Photgraphy by Lidia Crisafulli  

Creature Comfortys - Canary Wharf LOW RES_11.jpg
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