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Feet off the Ground is passionate about the role of dance, creativity and expression in education and young people's lives.

Our Aim at Feet off the Ground is to develop the creative skills of the participants with whom we work, allowing them a safe place to express themselves and the opportunity to achieve both as an individual and within a group. We regularly hear from participants that we have worked with that this experience has improved their self- and body confidence as well as giving them new skills and providing an exciting performance opportunity.

Feet off the Ground’s tour package is designed for secondary and sixth form pupils (years 7-13) and offers a multi-faceted learning experience, drawing together both theoretical and practical elements. This project is suitable for either an all girl group or a mixed group


“Using partner work and trust develops abilities you never knew you had. It opened my abilities to dance.”

Nana-Yaa Boateng, Year 9 student


“There is both a need and an appetite for resources and experiences for young people centred around celebrating female empowerment and achievement’’

Sally-Anne Huang, Headteacher of JAGS





Creative workshops offer an exciting opportunity to work closely with a professional dance company. Students will learn new skills and develop an original piece of choreography with Feet off the Ground. Feet off the Ground will provide the space for students to express themselves creatively, acquire an embodied confidence and explore moving with power and confidence.  Students will learn new choreographic skills, unlock potential and understand the responsibilities, focus and preparation required to create and perform a piece of dance on stage and to an audience.


Within the workshops, there will be a theoretical element where we will together explore stories from Eduardo Galeano’s book ‘’Mujeres’’ and the women who inspired The Way They Were Then. These women include Camille Claudel and Josephine Baker. This element of the package includes reading, writing and watching short film clips. It offers context, theoretical knowledge and an understanding of the work and the important themes that link to it. Themes include female empowerment, oppression, rebellion and unity. 


Professional performance of The Way They Were Then by Feet off the Ground, with students performing their original choreography as a curtain raiser alongside the company. The show will conclude with a Q&A in which the audience and pupils can ask the company questions about the process and the work. Approximately 1 hour.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS - Presentation & open rehearsal. Get in touch for more information about these.


To receive the full Schools Tour Package including information regarding logistics and fees please

get in touch.

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